Firestick can work with many different applications/ players. In this post, some most popular applications/players used with Firestick will be listed:

  • IPTV smarters/ IPTV smarters Pro
  • Perfect player
  • Tivimate
  • STB emulator

Step 1: Enable Unkown Sources

  • Navigate and open Settings from the menu on the top.
  • Click ‘Device’ from the available options on the next screen.
  • Select ‘Downloader’ from the list that populates as you type.
  • Select the Get button and complete the installation his will not take more than a few seconds stop.

Step 2: Install the ‘Downloader’ App

If you already have the Downloader app on your Fire TV Stick, you can directly go to Step 3

Downloader is available for free on the Amazon App Store

Follow the steps below to download and install the Downloader app:

  • On the FireStick home screen, hover over the search icon on the top left
  • Type in the term ‘Downloader’
  • Select ‘Downloader’ from the list that populates as you type
  • Select the Get button and complete the installation

Step 4: Open the Downloader app

Then Allow Downloader to access photos,media, files  on your device

Next, you can enter the name of app/player you want to download into Downloader

Step 5. Download and Install the applications/Players

Step 6. Set up IPTV service on the applications

1. IPTV Smarters/ IPTV smarters Pro Player

Step 1. You can download this app from Google Play

Step 2. Enter the login details to sign in:

  • With anyname, you can enter anything
  • With username, password, and port, you can get them from the panel or you can ask us to get the login details

Step 3. Press on “Add user”

2. Perfect Player

Step 1. You can download this app from Google Play

Step 2. Click on the “Setting ” icon

Step 3. Hit on “General

Step 4. Tap “Playlist

Step 5. Next, insert your M3U link

Step 6. Next, you can add EPG if you want by tapping “EPG”. Then enter your epg link

3. Tivimate Player

Step 1. Download app from Google store

Step  2. Login Tivimate

There are 3 ways to login Tivimate:

  • Login with the Playlist link (m3u link)
  • Login with Xtream Codes
  • Login with Portal

3.1. Login with the Playlist link (m3u link)

Now I will guide you to login with the Playlist link (m3u link)

After downloading successfully, you will see as in the picture when opening the app.

On the interface, there are 2 choices: Add playlist and Settings. Please click on “Add playlist”

The main interface of tivimate app

Step 3 Enter URL

After choosing ” Add playlist”, the screen will show like in the below picture.

The next step you need to do is entering url or called m3u link.

the interface when adding playlist url

Step 4. Watch

After entering m3u link, you can see the channel list from the different countries like  in the picture.
the interface to watch IPTV

3.2. Login with xtream codes

Step 3. To login with xtream codes, firstly you need to click on “Add  Playlist”.  The screen of tivimate will show the options like in the picture\

Step 4. Then, click on Xtream codes

Step 5. The app will ask you to enter username, password and server address

  • With username, password, and port, you can get them from the panel or you can ask us to get the login details

Step 6. Click on ”Next”

Step 7. click on “Done’ to finish logging with xtream codes

3.3. Login with portal

Step 3. Choose ” Stalker portal” after clicking on ” add playlist”

Step 4.  Add Mac Address on the panel or give me your Mac address

Step 5. Enter  the portal to login

4. STB emulator

Step 1. Download StbEmu (Free) from the Google Play Store onto your Android device

Step 2. Load Stb Emulator and you will see this screen as the following picture. Then tap near the top-right corner, then click Settings

Step 3. Tap Profiles

Step 4. Add profile to create a new one

Step 5. MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Please go to STB configuration and find the MAC address. This is an important number because it is how your IPTV service will identify your set-top box.   Then, please give us your MAC address

Step 6.  Then click on  “Profile name” and then change Profile name

Step 7. Tap Portal settings

Step 8.  Tap Portal URL

Step 9. Enter your Portal for MAG and STB  and then press on OK

Step 10. Reboot the portal

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