With Dreamlink T1 & T1 plus, you can use DOL 2 app.

Step 1. Please add your Mac address on the panel or give us your Mac address

When you click on DOL 2 app, you can see your MAC address in the top right corner.

Step 2. From the main page, Open My Apps. If the DreamOnline (DOL2) is not in the My apps folder when you purchase a new Dreamlink T1 box you have to go to the Market folder, find it and install it from there- after that it will appear in the My apps folder

Step 3. Select DreamOnline (DOL 2) – It will automatically load to the Service menu.

Step 4. On DOL Page, note the Mac address in the top right corner. Add it during the checkout on the field “Mac Address”. Select “Setting”

Step 5. Edit should be highlighted already, press OK on your remote to edit details. Now you must input your information:

Service Nickname: Enter server name
Service/Portal URL: Enter the portal we provide
Certificate: Leave it unchecked
User ID: Leave it empty
User Password: Leave it empty

Step 6. Now Select OK to save your settings. Click the red button to Connect Service. It will now automatically connect

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